Choosing a Drag and Drop library for Javascript


Dotfile Setup


I chose this repository as template for my dotfiles:

git clone ~/.dotfiles

Code Reading - Octopress

Why Octopress

I just set up the blog and so far I am pleased with the capabilites it offers. Through some reading in the past about static site generators I have a basic notion on what’s going on after “rake generate” is triggered.

What we’ll encounter


If you don’t know what either Octopress or Jekyll are about, make yourself familiar with the respective gems by skimming through the documentation.

Checkout the repository

Let’s start by clone the repository.

git clone

Please note that this entry is written based on the 2.5 release of octopress. You can switch to other releases by the checkout command inside the directory.

git checkout 2.5

Code Reading - Intro

Code Reading

In the next few weeks I’m going to dig into some open source projects in order to learn their approaches, architecture and principles.

Code Reading tools

In this paragraph I will list different tools that are required and/or useful for reading code of open source applications.


Interesting Links

If you are interested in the architecture of open source applications you should take a glance at The Architecture of Open Source Applications



This blog is powered by Octopress and a slightly modified version of the theme Pageturner.

Further plugins

The minification has been implemented based on these suggestions.

Test of some features

Blockquotes and text in bold and italic or even both

Wololo ay hoyo, wololo

Unordered List: The plan

Ordered List

  1. good
  2. better
  3. best

… and Code Bloxx

var foo = bar; 
function doStuff(){
    var bar = baz;